Difference Between A Blog And Website

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blog-684748_640Trying to decide whether to create a blog or a website? The differences may not be as significant as you may think. In fact, many “websites” are actually using a blogging platform. It’s difficult to tell the difference.

Traditional Blogging is Not So Traditional Anymore

A traditional blog looked very different from a standard website. A traditional blog is a chronological series of journal entries. The most recent post is usually displayed first. However, today blogging and blogging technology have grown tremendously. You can have static pages including a static landing page.
You can organize your content by category, by tag, and by date. You can also publish video content on your blog, sell products or services and essentially accomplish anything on a blog that you can on a website.

That being said, websites may be more useful if you’re building a theme or information based website. With a blog there is still the fact that the content is dated. People come to expect frequent posts. With a website, you can publish new content whenever it fits your purposes. There isn’t the same expectation for new content.

Usability Differences

Traditionally blogs are much easier for an online beginner to use and maintain. In fact, you can maintain your blog from your iPod, iPad or phone. However, website building technology has become easier too. If you’re comfortable adding plug-ins and modifying the code on a blog, you’ll be comfortable modifying or creating the code for a website too.


One of the biggest differences between a blog and a website may be cost. A WordPress blog or website is practically free. You’ll pay for your domain name, for your hosting, and a small $10 fee to WordPress. There are literally thousands of free templates that you can upload and customize yourself. You can also purchase a customizable template.

Website templates can also be customized and you can find many for free. However, the customization is often very limited. And if you want a template that offers more features it can get expensive.

Purpose Driven Decision

Before you decide whether to blog or create a website consider the purpose for your online presence. If you’re going to sell a lot of products or create a theme based presence then a website may be your best choice. If you are creating a content rich information website or you are selling information or a service then a blog can be a better choice.

Determine your needs, goals and purpose first. Then compare blogging options versus traditional website options. The answer may be much easier to determine once you know exactly what you need your site to accomplish.

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