Acquiring A Good Domain Name Is More Important Than You Think

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com-663980_370x246Many people get overwhelmed just thinking about the whole process of building a website. Well it certainly doesn’t have to be that way should you break the steps down into bite sized tasks and go about it one step at a time.

If and when you were to start a new business you try to come up with the best possible name for it, so is the case with websites. You want to have a solid domain name because on this very name is your brand and business built upon.

Deciding on a domain name involves making a list of the names you’d like your business associated with, having thought over it carefully, and checking whether the extension you desire is available or not. Domain name extension refers to .com, .net, .org and so on, which you are likely already familiar with.

There are generally two ways followed as far as domain names decisions are concerned. One of the favorite ways of SEO savvy people is to go for keyword rich domain name because this helps in ranking the website in a far more easier way. The flip side is that the domain name tends to be rather long and not always suitable for branding purpose.

The other way is to go for something short, catchy and brandable even though they might not have any dictionary meaning. Think Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, you get it! This route is usually taken if branding from the get-go is very important and the strategy employed is for a longer horizon period.

As you might have guessed most people prefer to go for the former as it fetches results faster in terms of search engine recognition and ranking. You do want your website to rank well and fast, and having keywords in the domain name is one prime way to achieve that faster.

This also means most of the domain names with good keywords in it would most likely have been snatched up already. But this does not mean that they are no longer available, they indeed are still available, you just have to make efforts to search for them.

When starting out on your business journey it is advised that you also take the first route. It is also well known among experienced professionals that extension of the type .com, .net and .org fetches the best results. Even among these three .com is the most preferred extension as it is the default most people tend to connect URL with.

Keywords with a high search volume are more difficult to find these days but there’s more competition for it and are more difficult to rank for anyway. Keywords with lower search volume although would generate less traffic competitions are less here, the keyword is more focused or targeted, you’ll find domain names more easily for these keywords. It is advised that you go for these keywords, especially if you are just starting out.

Let’s take a look at some actual examples. In the finance niche one of the prime keyword domain would be which is of course no longer available. This keyword ‘finance loans’ receives around half a million searches per month with millions of competing webpages. On the other hand the keyword ‘finance loans for bad credit’ receives far less searches but is available at the time of this writing.

You will buy your domain names only from good and reliable domain registrars like Godaddy and Namecheap. They are highly popular and well known. One of the excellent facility which they provide is the domain search facility, which not only displays the results but also offers suggestions of other relevant and available domain names too, which you would not have thought about.

When you register your domain name, you will have to choose the duration minimum of which is one year. There’s some discussions going on online on the subject of whether going for a longer duration has any benefits in terms of more trust by the search engines? Some people believe so.

If you have really decided on your long term strategies you might like to register for longer term period, as you might get discount even.

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