The philosophy …

“The opportunities which the present world wide web makes available is amazing indeed,
enabling any average individual to build up web assets and own virtual real estates
the values of which can well surpass even that of brick and mortar real estates!

FaithfulBloggers.comHi, my name is John Brahma. I am a christian, a husband and a father, and a web/site developer.

I have been in this cyber field for a number of years now as a web professional. I still remember the initial days as being not that easy as I struggled to find reliable information on successfully running a website online, as it was scattered all over.

I have come a long way.. built many sites along the way. Have I got everything perfected? No! For me this whole process is a step by step journey, of continual learning and enriching my experiences, and moving ahead thus.

I still cherish the memories of those days years back at the computer institute where I was enrolled in, in the lab coding away struggling to build a functional website as part of the course projects. I was totally hooked and I passed out in flying colors indeed! The seed was planted.. it was a passion then and still is today.

The reason I started this website is so that I can share what I know now and hopefully provide value, with the goal of making available the necessary information of successfully running and maintaining websites/blog at one convenient location, this very site. More importantly.. share about the right way to build up web assets and own virtual real estates.

Most people don’t realize this.. that the value of a web asset built up the right way can be phenomenal, far more than a brick and mortar business, while involving minimal investment and risks.

The topics of discussions here will cover both static and dynamic websites/blogs, and how to use them to achieve your goals faster. The discussions will also cover the safety and security issues as well which are absolutely critical.

I’ll also be having guest bloggers over here to share their expertise with us all. I encourage you to join the discussions and share your thoughts by leaving your comments.. would love to hear your ‘say’.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you here again soon.

John Brahma